SIB(System Information Block)


As the functionalities of LTE evolves and start interplay with other radio technologies (e.g, wlan, V2X, NR etc), the list of SIB is getting longer and longer.  We first started with around 12 SIBs and now (as of Jan 2020. Release 15), the largest SIB Type number is SIB24.  Followings are the whole SIB list as of now. This page is just a summary or point to each SIB with not much of the description, and I wrote separate notes for some SIBs that has critical functionalties. Follow the links in the description of each SIBs.  Regarding how these SIBs are scheduled, refer to SIB scheduling page. Some of the SIBs are critical for the initial attach and should be detected/decoded before you attempt to attach to a cell.  Often the contents of SIB get modified depending on the situation and UE should be able to get updated with the modified SIB based on SIB modification process.



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    : Access Barring Information - Access Probability factor, Access Class Baring List, Access Class Baring Time

    : Semi static Common Channel Configuration - Random Access Parameter, PRACH Configuration

    : UL frequency Information - UL EARFCN, UL Bandwidth, additional emmission

    : MBSFN Configuration





    : Information/Parameters for intra-frequency cell reselections





    : Information on intra-frequency neighboring cells





    : Information on inter-frequency neighboring cells





    : Information for reselection to UMTS (UTRAN) cells  





    : Information for reselection to GSM (GERAN) cells  





    : Information for reselection to CDMA2000 systems





    : Home eNodeB name for future LTE femtocell applications




SIB 10 / SIB 11

    :  ETWS (Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System) information




SIB 12

    : Commercial Mobile Alerting System (CMAS) information.




SIB 13 




SIB 14 




SIB 15 

    : MBMS SAI (Service Area Identities) Configuration




SIB 16 

    : GPS Related Informatin




SIB 17 




SIB 18

    : Sidelink Information


      SystemInformationBlockType18-r12 ::= SEQUENCE {

          commConfig-r12 SEQUENCE {

              commRxPool-r12                                         SL-CommRxPoolList-r12,

              commTxPoolNormalCommon-r12                     SL-CommTxPoolList-r12 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

              commTxPoolExceptional-r12                          SL-CommTxPoolList-r12 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

              commSyncConfig-r12                                   SL-SyncConfigList-r12 OPTIONAL -- Need OR

          } OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

          lateNonCriticalExtension                                   OCTET STRING OPTIONAL,


          [[ commTxPoolNormalCommonExt-r13                  SL-CommTxPoolListExt-r13 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

              commTxResourceUC-ReqAllowed-r13               ENUMERATED {true} OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

              commTxAllowRelayCommon-r13                      ENUMERATED {true} OPTIONAL -- Need OR






SIB 19

    : sidelink UE information procedure and may contain sidelink discovery related resource configuration information


    SystemInformationBlockType19-r12 ::= SEQUENCE {

      discConfig-r12 SEQUENCE {

        discRxPool-r12                                      SL-DiscRxPoolList-r12,

        discTxPoolCommon-r12                           SL-DiscTxPoolList-r12 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

        discTxPowerInfo-r12                              SL-DiscTxPowerInfoList-r12 OPTIONAL, -- Cond Tx

        discSyncConfig-r12                                SL-SyncConfigList-r12 OPTIONAL -- Need OR

      } OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      discInterFreqList-r12                                     SL-CarrierFreqInfoList-r12 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      lateNonCriticalExtension                                 OCTET STRING OPTIONAL,


      [[ discConfig-v1310 SEQUENCE {

          discInterFreqList-v1310                  SL-CarrierFreqInfoList-v1310 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

          gapRequestsAllowedCommon            ENUMERATED {true} OPTIONAL -- Need OR

        } OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

        discConfigRelay-r13 SEQUENCE {

          relayUE-Config-r13                         SL-DiscConfigRelayUE-r13,

          remoteUE-Config-r13                      SL-DiscConfigRemoteUE-r13

        } OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

        discConfigPS-13 SEQUENCE {

          discRxPoolPS-r13                           SL-DiscRxPoolList-r12,

          discTxPoolPS-Common-r13              SL-DiscTxPoolList-r12 OPTIONAL -- Need OR

        } OPTIONAL -- Need OR




    SL-CarrierFreqInfoList-r12                          ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxFreq)) OF SL-CarrierFreqInfo-r12

    SL-CarrierFreqInfoList-v1310                      ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxFreq)) OF SL-CarrierFreqInfo-v1310

    SL-CarrierFreqInfo-r12::= SEQUENCE {

      carrierFreq-r12                                             ARFCN-ValueEUTRA-r9,

      plmn-IdentityList-r12                                     PLMN-IdentityList4-r12 OPTIONAL -- Need OP


    SL-DiscConfigRelayUE-r13 ::= SEQUENCE {

      threshHigh-r13                                             RSRP-RangeSL4-r13 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      threshLow-r13                                             RSRP-RangeSL4-r13 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      hystMax-r13                                                ENUMERATED {dB0, dB3, dB6, dB9, dB12, dBinf}

      hystMin-r13                                                 ENUMERATED {dB0, dB3, dB6, dB9, dB12}


    SL-DiscConfigRemoteUE-r13 ::= SEQUENCE {

      threshHigh-r13                                             RSRP-RangeSL4-r13 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      hystMax-r13                                                ENUMERATED {dB0, dB3, dB6, dB9, dB12} OPTIONAL,

      reselectionInfoIC-r13                                     ReselectionInfoRelay-r13


    ReselectionInfoRelay-r13 ::= SEQUENCE {

      q-RxLevMin-r13                                            Q-RxLevMin,

      filterCoefficient-r13                                       FilterCoefficient,

      minHyst-r13                                                 ENUMERATED {dB0, dB3, dB6, dB9, dB12, dBinf}


    SL-CarrierFreqInfo-v1310::= SEQUENCE {

      discResourcesNonPS-r13                                SL-ResourcesInterFreq-r13 OPTIONAL,

      discResourcesPS-r13                                     SL-ResourcesInterFreq-r13 OPTIONAL,

      discConfigOther-r13                                      SL-DiscConfigOtherInterFreq-r13 OPTIONAL,



    PLMN-IdentityList4-r12                     ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxPLMN-r11)) OF PLMN-IdentityInfo2-r12

    PLMN-IdentityInfo2-r12 ::= CHOICE {

      plmn-Index-r12                                            INTEGER (1..maxPLMN-r11),

      plmnIdentity-r12                                          PLMN-Identity


    SL-DiscTxResourcesInterFreq-r13 ::= CHOICE {

      acquireSI-FromCarrier-r13                             NULL,

      discTxPoolCommon-r13                                 SL-DiscTxPoolList-r12,

      requestDedicated-r13                                   NULL,

      noTxOnCarrier-r13                                       NULL


    SL-DiscConfigOtherInterFreq-r13::= SEQUENCE {

      txPowerInfo-r13                                          SL-DiscTxPowerInfoList-r12 OPTIONAL, -- Cond Tx

      refCarrierCommon-r13                                   ENUMERATED {pCell} OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      discSyncConfig-r13                                      SL-SyncConfigListNFreq-r13 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      discCellSelectionInfo-r13                               CellSelectionInfoNFreq-r13 OPTIONAL -- Need OR


    SL-ResourcesInterFreq-r13 ::= SEQUENCE {

      discRxResourcesInterFreq-r13                       SL-DiscRxPoolList-r12 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      discTxResourcesInterFreq-r13                       SL-DiscTxResourcesInterFreq-r13 OPTIONAL -- Need OR






SIB 20

    : the information required to acquire the control information associated transmission of MBMS using SC-PTM


    SystemInformationBlockType20-r13 ::= SEQUENCE {

      sc-mcch-RepetitionPeriod-r13              ENUMERATED {rf2, rf4, rf8, rf16, rf32, rf64, rf128, rf256},

      sc-mcch-Offset-r13                           INTEGER (0..10),

      sc-mcch-FirstSubframe-r13                 INTEGER (0..9),

      sc-mcch-duration-r13                         INTEGER (2..9) OPTIONAL,

      sc-mcch-ModificationPeriod-r13            ENUMERATED {rf2, rf4, rf8, rf16, rf32, rf64, rf128, rf256,

                                                                                rf512, rf1024, r2048, rf4096, rf8192, rf16384,

                                                                                rf32768, f65536},

      lateNonCriticalExtension OCTET STRING OPTIONAL,


      [[ br-BCCH-Config-r14 SEQUENCE {

          dummy                            ENUMERATED {rf1},

          dummy2                          ENUMERATED {rf1},

          mpdcch-Narrowband-SC-MCCH-r14           INTEGER (1..maxAvailNarrowBands-r13),

          mpdcch-NumRepetition-SC-MCCH-r14        ENUMERATED {r1, r2, r4, r8, r16,

                                                                                       r32, r64, r128, r256},

          mpdcch-StartSF-SC-MCCH-r14 CHOICE {

            fdd-r14                               ENUMERATED {v1, v1dot5, v2, v2dot5, v4,

                                                                        v5, v8, v10},

            tdd-r14                               ENUMERATED {v1, v2, v4, v5, v8, v10, v20}


        mpdcch-PDSCH-HoppingConfig-SC-MCCH-r14          ENUMERATED {off, ce-ModeA, ce-ModeB},

        sc-mcch-CarrierFreq-r14                                     ARFCN-ValueEUTRA-r9,

        sc-mcch-Offset-BR-r14                                       INTEGER (0..10),

        sc-mcch-RepetitionPeriod-BR-r14                          ENUMERATED {rf32, rf128, rf512, rf1024,

                                                                                                 rf2048, rf4096, rf8192, rf16384},

        sc-mcch-ModificationPeriod-BR-r14                       ENUMERATED { rf32, rf128, rf256, rf512,

                                                                                                rf1024, rf2048, rf4096, rf8192,

                                                                                                rf16384, rf32768, rf65536,

                                                                                                rf131072, rf262144, rf524288,


        } OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

        sc-mcch-SchedulingInfo-r14                         SC-MCCH-SchedulingInfo-r14 OPTIONAL,

        pdsch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeA-SC-MTCH-r14       ENUMERATED { r16, r32 },

        pdsch-maxNumRepetitionCEmodeB-SC-MTCH-r14       ENUMERATED {

                                                                                       r192, r256, r384, r512, r768, r1024,

                                                                                       r1536, r2048} OPTIONAL -- Need OR


      [[      sc-mcch-RepetitionPeriod-v1470 ENUMERATED {rf1} OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

        sc-mcch-ModificationPeriod-v1470 ENUMERATED {rf1} OPTIONAL -- Need OR




    SC-MCCH-SchedulingInfo-r14::= SEQUENCE {

      onDurationTimerSCPTM-r14                          ENUMERATED {psf10, psf20, psf100, psf300,

                                                                                        psf500, psf1000, psf1200, psf1600},

      drx-InactivityTimerSCPTM-r14                       ENUMERATED {psf0, psf1, psf2, psf4, psf8, psf16,

                                                                                       psf32, psf64, psf128, psf256, ps512,

                                                                                       psf1024, psf2048, psf4096, psf8192,


      schedulingPeriodStartOffsetSCPTM-r14 CHOICE {

        sf10 INTEGER(0..9),

        sf20 INTEGER(0..19),

        sf32 INTEGER(0..31),

        sf40 INTEGER(0..39),

        sf64 INTEGER(0..63),

        sf80 INTEGER(0..79),

        sf128 INTEGER(0..127),

        sf160 INTEGER(0..159),

        sf256 INTEGER(0..255),

        sf320 INTEGER(0..319),

        sf512 INTEGER(0..511),

        sf640 INTEGER(0..639),

        sf1024 INTEGER(0..1023),

        sf2048 INTEGER(0..2047),

        sf4096 INTEGER(0..4095),

        sf8192 INTEGER(0..8191)








SIB 21

    : V2X sidelink communication configuration.


    SystemInformationBlockType21-r14 ::= SEQUENCE {

      sl-V2X-ConfigCommon-r14                       SL-V2X-ConfigCommon-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      lateNonCriticalExtension                          OCTET STRING OPTIONAL,




    SL-V2X-ConfigCommon-r14 ::= SEQUENCE {

      v2x-CommRxPool-r14                              SL-CommRxPoolListV2X-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      v2x-CommTxPoolNormalCommon-r14          SL-CommTxPoolListV2X-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      p2x-CommTxPoolNormalCommon-r14          SL-CommTxPoolListV2X-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      v2x-CommTxPoolExceptional-r14               SL-CommResourcePoolV2X-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      v2x-SyncConfig-r14                                SL-SyncConfigListV2X-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      v2x-InterFreqInfoList-r14                         SL-InterFreqInfoListV2X-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      v2x-ResourceSelectionConfig-r14              SL-CommTxPoolSensingConfig-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      zoneConfig-r14                                      SL-ZoneConfig-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      typeTxSync-r14                                     SL-TypeTxSync-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      thresSL-TxPrioritization-r14                      SL-Priority-r13 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      anchorCarrierFreqList-r14                         SL-AnchorCarrierFreqList-V2X-r14 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      offsetDFN-r14                                        INTEGER (0..1000) OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      cbr-CommonTxConfigList-r14                    SL-CBR-CommonTxConfigList-r14 OPTIONAL -- Need OR






SIB 24

    : InterRAT/NR Neighbouring cells for cell reselection.

    SystemInformationBlockType24-r15 ::= SEQUENCE {

      carrierFreqListNR-r15                              CarrierFreqListNR-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Need

      t-ReselectionNR-r15                               T-Reselection,

      t-ReselectionNR-SF-r15                          SpeedStateScaleFactors OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      lateNonCriticalExtension                          OCTET STRING OPTIONAL,




    CarrierFreqListNR-r15                                     ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1..maxFreq)) OF CarrierFreqNR-r15


    CarrierFreqNR-r15 ::= SEQUENCE {

      carrierFreq-r15                                     ARFCN-ValueNR-r15,

      multiBandInfoList-r15                             MultiFrequencyBandListNR-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      multiBandInfoListSUL-r15                        MultiFrequencyBandListNR-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      measTimingConfig-r15                            MTC-SSB-NR-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      subcarrierSpacingSSB-r15                      ENUMERATED {kHz15, kHz30, kHz120, kHz240},

      ss-RSSI-Measurement-r15                     SS-RSSI-Measurement-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Cond RSRQ2

      cellReselectionPriority-r15                      CellReselectionPriority OPTIONAL, -- Need OP

      cellReselectionSubPriority-r15                 CellReselectionSubPriority-r13 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      threshX-High-r15                                  ReselectionThreshold,

      threshX-Low-r15                                  ReselectionThreshold,

      threshX-Q-r15 SEQUENCE {

        threshX-HighQ-r15                       ReselectionThresholdQ-r9,

        threshX-LowQ-r15                       ReselectionThresholdQ-r9

      } OPTIONAL, -- Cond RSRQ

      q-RxLevMin-r15                                   INTEGER (-70..-22),

      q-RxLevMinSUL-r15                              INTEGER (-70..-22) OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      p-MaxNR-r15                                       P-MaxNR-r15,

      ns-PmaxListNR-r15                               NS-PmaxListNR-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      q-QualMin-r15                                     INTEGER (-43..-12) OPTIONAL, -- Need OP

      deriveSSB-IndexFromCell-r15                 BOOLEAN,

      maxRS-IndexCellQual-r15                      MaxRS-IndexCellQualNR-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      threshRS-Index-r15                             ThresholdListNR-r15 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR


      [[ multiBandNsPmaxListNR-v1550            MultiBandNsPmaxListNR-1-v1550 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      multiBandNsPmaxListNR-SUL-v1550         MultiBandNsPmaxListNR-v1550 OPTIONAL, -- Need OR

      ssb-ToMeasure-r15                              SSB-ToMeasure-r15 OPTIONAL -- Need OR




    MultiBandNsPmaxListNR-1-v1550    ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1.. maxMultiBandsNR-1-r15)) OF NS-PmaxListNR-r15

    MultiBandNsPmaxListNR-v1550       ::= SEQUENCE (SIZE (1.. maxMultiBandsNR-r15)) OF NS-PmaxListNR-r15