PDSCH AggregationFactor


PDSCH AggregationFactor is a mechanism that one DCI can schedule multiple consecutive downlink slots for PDSCH. The number of the consecutive slots can be 2 or 4 or 8. The number of slots can be determined by the RRC parameter pdsch-AggregationFactor.


When this IE is configured, the number of allocated symbol (SLIV) for all the consecutive slots are same as the first slot.

The RV_id (Redundancy Version) for each slot varies depending on following table.


< 38.214 - Table Applied redundancy version when aggregationFactorDL > 1 >




UE Capability Information


This is an optional configuration and it is not guaranteed that all the UE support this capability. If a UE support this capability, it should inform it to Network via the IE : pdsch-RepetitionMultiSlots in Phy-ParametersCommon of UE CapabilityInformation.