5G/NR  -  PBCH





PBCH (Physical Broadcast Channel)






PBCH Transport Process





Followings are short descriptions of each of the steps illustrated above. I would not explain much in words for this process and I don't think I can make you understand the details of this process just by words. The purpose of following description (illustrations) is to give you high level picture of the algorithm and let you know of what kind of lower layer, higher layer parameters are involved in each of the step.




(1) PBCH Payload Generation






(2) Scrambling






(3) CRC Attachment






(4) Channel Coding






(6) Scrambling



    NOTE : Lmax is the maximum number of SS/PBCH blocks in an SS/PBCH period.  This value is determined by subcarrier spacing and frequency range. See this table to see the specific Lmax value for each cases.




(7) Modulation






(8) Resource Element Mapping


Refer to Frequency Domain Allocation of SS Block page.





RRC Parameters


The main purpose of PBCH is to carry(broadcast) MIB. See Master Information Block section for the details of MIB.