6G KPIs (Key Performance Indicator)


Following is the 6G target KPIs that are mentioned in many 6G related documents/forum. Obviously it looks very challenging. As of wriing this (May 2021), we have long way to go to hit the 5G target and I cannot imagine how we can meet these target listed in 6G column. Let's trust again the great minds in engineering.


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KPI (Key Performance Indicator)



Peak Data Rate

20 Gb/s

1 Tb/s

Experienced Data Rate

0.1 Gb/s

1 Gb/s

Peak Spectral Efficiency

30 b/s/Hz

60 b/s/Hz

Experienced Spectral Efficiency

0.3 b/s/Hz

3 b/s/Hz

Maximum Bandwidth

1 Ghz

100 Ghz

Area Traffic Capacity

10 Mb/s/m^2

1 Gb/s/m^2

Connection Density

10^6 devices/km^2

10^7 devices/km^2

Energy Efficiency


1 Tb/J


1 ms

100 us



1 us





500 Km/h

1000 Km/h


Peak Data Rate : The final target of 6G Max throughput is 1 Tb/s. If you compare it to 5G max throughput as of now (Sep 2022, assuming it around 10 Gb/s), it is around 100 times of 5G max throughput. If you compare it to ideal 5G max throughput (20 Gb/s), it is still around 50 times of 5G throughput.    


Expected Data Rate : Expected the data rate is the date rate we can achieve even in harsh enviroment (e.g, cell edge). In 6G, it is expected to achieve 1 Gb/s data rate even in such a harsh condition. This is also around 100 times higher than 5G.


Maximum Bandwidth : As of today(Sep 2022), the most common 5G bandwidth would be 100 Mhz per single carrier (both in FR1 and FR2) and it will soon get extended to 400 Mhz per single carrier in case of FR2. According to Release 17 specification, 5G max bandwidth can go as wide as 2 Ghz. Considering this, 6G max bandwidth would be 50 or 100 times wider than 5G max bandwidth.


Latency : As of today(Sep 2022), it would be a little bit tricky to achieve 1ms Latency in 5G, but at least it is doable. In 6G, it is targeted to achieve the latency target of 0.1 ms (100 us) which is 10 times shorter than 5G.


There are various ways of describing the 6G KPI with a little bit different perspectives. I am trying to consolidating various types of those KPIs here and linked the source at the bottom of each figures.


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