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Followings are some of the questions I spent most of my time, contemplating, reading, watching when I am not working on engineering/techy stuffs. These are more for myself not to forget about the thread of my thought. Just in case there is somebody who is seeking to have the answer to the same questions.. or have interests in the similar topics in this page, just try to use these as a kind of keywords to search more information in your search engine. I am also using this page as a keyword finder for further search. Now as I get older, I found myself more absent-minded. My brain require more frequent 'refresh' or sometimes 'rebooting' :)

  • Am I really different from other animal ? (Is human different from Animal)
  • Why I am thinking and acting like this ?
  • How my brain process and organize the information ?
  • What motivates me to do what I am doing now ?
  • Does what motivates me motivate others as well ?
  • Who can be taken as a Genius ? What makes a Genius ?
  • Does a Genius think differently than I do ?
  • Am I (or my company, my country) inferier or superior than others ?
  • What is the origin of violence ? What make people violent ?
  • Can we see any violence in animal kingdom (non-human) which is not provoked by the limitted biological resources (e.g, food, mate, teritories etc) ?
  • What is the origin of Nation/State ?
  • What is the origin of Politics ?
  • Why are we impressed by Arts ? Is it due to Education ? or due to some 'absolute artistic criteria' ? or just due to novelty ?
  • Is Competition good or bad ?
  • Can we avoid Competition ?
  • Is our world always deterministic and predictable ?
  • Is there any psychological or biological background for religious mind ?
  • Is there any individual difference in religious tendancy in biology/psychology ?
  • Is a culture unique to human ?
  • How is a culture formed and propagated ?
  • What is conciousness ? How is it formed ? Is it unique to human ?
  • What is Intelligence ? How it is formed / worked ?
  • Is Intelligence unique to human ?
  • Can I think/analyze especially 'abstract' issues without confirmation bias ?
  • Why people so easily conform (comply) to groups so easily (regardless whatever it is) ?
  • Why people (some people) engage in Deviance and Dissent in groups ?  
  • Why such a good person in public do such a bad thing (evil thing) in a certain situation ?
  • Why such a good person in private context (e.g, in person or in family) do such a bad thing (evil thing) in a certain situation ?
  • Why I think/act differently as an individual and as a participants in a group (organization, company etc) ?
  • Can biological evolution mechanism (e.g, mutation, selection, coevolution) be applied to technical progress and cultural evolution ?
  • What is origin of violence ? Is there any evolutionary advantage of violence ?
  • How Group Decision works ? Pros and Cons ?
  • Is it possible to let Group Decision avoid the problem of Group Thinking ?




Current Interest


My current interests (non-technical issues) is to try connecting dots among following topics. Of course, this is not at the level of the academic research. It is just purely personal with completely subject approach. (Yes, I am a strong Selfish Gene beilever :)


    By Person



Richard Dawkins



Matt Ridley



Robert Sapolsky



Dosmond Morris



Jane Goodall



Philip G. Zimbardo



Yuval Noah Harari



Friedrich Hyyek



Hannah Arendt



John von Neumann



John Forbes Nash



George Orwell

  • 1984
  • Animal Farm



Karl Popper



Thomas Kuhn






Jared Diamond



Steven Pinker



Daniel Goleman



Francis Fukuyama



Milton Friedman



Noam Chomsky

  • Syntactic Structure
  • Generative Grammer



Sigmund Freud

  • The Interpretation of Dreams



Carl Jung



B.F Skinner

  • About Behaviorism
  • Walden Two



Adam Smith



M.C. Escher



Wassily Kandinsky



Jackson Pollock



Rene Magritte



Salvdor Dali



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    I decided to study a little bit more seriously and moved this section in separate page.



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